Interactive Calculator Guide

Client: Citibank

My Role(s): Copywriter, Content Strategist

Background: I worked on a campaign pitch for a small business credit card created by Costco and Citi. After being directed to a microsite describing the card’s benefits, targeted users can enter their average monthly expenses into a calculator to get reliable savings estimate.

When the microsite and calculator were tested internally for usability, our results indicated that the word “eligible” in “eligible restaurants and travel” was difficult for most users to interpret. I was tasked with revising the copy to better familiarize users with the term “eligible.”

My Strategy

I incorporated the phrases “eligible restaurant purchases” and “eligible travel purchases” consistently across the visual percentage block and the calculator questions themselves. This created the context for the interactive component.

Additionally, I proposed a tooltip next to each question on which users could click or hover to read a thorough definition of eligible.

By adding an instructive subheader that enhances the “cash back rewards” benefit in the headline, I created a more intuitive experience. The final product represents a balance between traditional marketing copy and UX copy that ideally guides and empowers users. 

Here is a summary of my copy proposal (which includes what users would see upon opening the tooltips):

My Process

  1. Debrief with the creative team
  2. Mapping of new user flow
  3. Copywriting for new user flow
  4. Copy edits based on design changes
  5. Final proposal

My Work


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