Auto-Fill & Location Disclosure

Client: Citibank

My Role(s): UX Writer, Copywriter, Content Strategist

Description: When users apply for a credit card online, they are presented with an auto-fill option. They also sometimes see a location services modal that asks for their permission to share where they are. My team was asked to come up with ways to include sufficient information and consent options without burdening the user and prompting drop-off.

Approach: Below, you’ll see Citi’s recommendation (which involved adding every detail regarding both location services and auto-fill to an informational modal) and my team’s recommendation (which trusts the user with information up front on a separate screen free of any concrete opt-ins). My team’s approach is intended to fully inform a user without requiring any opt-ins in the same place. I wrote all the copy you’ll see below and worked on both UX and content strategy to tell a user-focused story.

BAU (which includes my optimized copy for the modal)

Contextual Opt-In Flow (My Team’s Recommendation)

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