Account Setup Guide

Role: Copywriter, UX Writer & Content Strategist

Description: This conversational swipe-through experience allows users registering a credit card to choose digital banking preferences by answering a series of ‘yes or no’ questions. There is one benefit-focused question on each screen and four screens total (for online banking, paperless enrollment, a virtual card and the addition of an authorized user). Each ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response triggers the next screen in the sequence. Users can also skip this flow at any time and jump straight to their card information.

This project represented a fundamental shift in how Citi handles its consumer credit card applications for retail services. I was a key collaborator and the copy lead on this project from ideation and conceptual development to execution.

I shaped our content strategy, crafted all of our messaging, and helped implement copy by reviewing prototypes with design and UX leads. I paid specific attention to micro-copy, CTAs, and legal disclosures to strike a balance between client needs and the overall user experience.

The Process

  1. Assessment of existing experience
  2. Review of usability testing results
  3. Research on competitors and best practices
  4. Mapping new user flow
  5. Alignment on refreshed content strategy
  6. Copywriting for the new screens
  7. UX writing for the new flow
  8. Prototyping alongside visual design and UX leads
  9. Internal reviews of interactive mock-ups and iterative copy/content updates
  10. Interaction design updates
  11. Pitch to client

The Work

Screen 1 (User Information Submission)


Screen 2 (Approval Confirmation & Create An Account)

Screen 3 (Paperless Enrollment)

Screen 4 (Virtual Card Issuance)

Screen 5 (User ID & Password Creation for Online Account)

Screen 6 (‘Are You Sure?’ Message)

Screen 7 (Card Details)

Screen 8 (Handoff to Partner Site)

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