Women’s Wellness

Client: 83bar & Potential Women’s Wellness Clinics

Role: Copywriter, Content Strategist & Digital Marketing Specialist

Deliverables: B2C Email Copy (Headlines, Body Copy, CTAs) & Email Campaign Strategy


  1. Research
  2. Copywriting
  3. Handoff to Design Lead
  4. QA Testing
  5. Final Design Review
  6. Campaign Launch

Description: 83bar creates readymade digital campaigns for various types of healthcare. In the case of women’s wellness, campaigns were initially created and pitched to focus on rejuvenation services (hence the standardized name ‘VRejuvenate,’ which is included in the email examples below). I mapped an engagement email pathway designed to secure scheduled appointments at regional wellness clinics. I also drafted copy for all potential scenarios within that main pathway.

Idea: I wrote two different “Welcome” emails for the VRejuvenate email campaign. These initial messages would be seen by leads who took a targeted survey identifying key reasons why people seek vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The most highly ranked pain points expressed by survey participants were dryness (the focus of the first email below) and laxity issues (the focus of the second email below). The idea here was that tailored messaging at this early communicative stage would increase engagement and make leads more likely to book appointments.


VRejuvenate Welcome Email (Dryness)

VRejuvenate Welcome Email (Laxity)


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