Bad Futurist

Roles: Writer, Illustrator, Assistant Editor

Description: Bad Futurist was a digital art and literature magazine. I worked with the editor-in-chief to request pitches and curate submissions for each issue.

The thematic focus of the magazine was how human beings engage with the idea of the future. Our debut issue included fiction, essays, poetry, and visual art.

Bad Futurist contributors were naturally curious and confident in expressing their ideas yet humble in the face of existential quandaries. Each submitted piece vibrated with an eagerness to address big questions while staying true to its creator’s narrative, stakes, style, and voice.

Here is a digital copy of the first issue we published (which features my writing, editing, and illustration work):

Issue 01

Speculative Futures Meetup

In 2019, the core group that founded the zine (myself included) hosted an Austin meetup in collaboration with a group called Speculative Futures.

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